Journey to the Manger - Advent Calendar

Christmas is almost here! Celebrate with your family by reading Journey to the Manger, developed by Thriving Family magazine. It includes puzzles, daily devotions and fun family activities.

For extra fun, we dug through old copies of Clubhouse and Clubhouse Jr. to find our favorite Christmas stories and activities. Each story matches up with the daily lessons in the advent calendar. Enjoy!

Day 1: God the Father
Our Father
25 Days of Prayer craft

Day 2: King David
Shepherd So Small

Day 3: Isaiah
The Voice Above

Day 4: Micah
Captain Absolutely (read the first 4 comics here!)

Day 5: Zechariah the prophet
God's Wow Factor

Day 6: Anna
The Ghee

Day 7: Simeon
A Joyous Day

Day 8: Gabriel
My Very Own Christmas Nativity craft

Day 9: Zechariah the priest
Your Unchanging Friend

Day 10: Elizabeth
Christmas Joy board game

Day 11: John the Baptist
God in School
River's Edge

Day 12: Herod
Operation Secret Drop

Day 13: High Priest
Take-Along Cards craft

Day 14: Caesar Augustus
Bible Costumes

Day 15: Donkey
Church of the Nativity
Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Day 16: Innkeeper
Busy, Busy Innkeeper

Day 17: Sheep
Are You a Sheep?

Day 18: Angel
Onions and Angels

Day 19: Shepherds
A New Shepherd
The Interrupted Nativity

Day 20: Heavenly Host

Day 21: Wise Men on Camel
Coming by Camel

Day 22: Wise Men Meet Herod
Like a Diamond in the Sky

Day 23: Wise Men Bring Gifts
Fit for a King
Incredible Journey

Day 24: Joseph
Joseph: Faithful Man of God
The Jesse Tree

Day 25: Mary
This Merry Christmas Day

Day 26: Jesus
What's in His Name?

Clubhouse and Clubhouse Jr. covers

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