Busy, Busy Innkeeper

by Katrina Cassel

Busy, busy innkeeper,
Bustling all around.
Long ago in Bethlehem,
In the best hotel in town.

“First,” he said, “I’ll air the rooms.
Then I’ll sweep each floor.
Next I’ll make up every bed.
Time to do some more.”

Hurry, scurry, shake the rug.
Swish, swish, goes the broom.
“Look at all those people come.
They will fill each room.

“Come into my nice, clean inn,
You who journeyed far.
Come and rest, lay down your heads,
Where the best rooms are.

“What a journey you have had,
Coming down the road.
Walking, riding, tired, hot,
Some with quite a load.

“People crowding all my rooms.
People on the floor.
People, people everywhere!
Can’t hold any more.”

Donkey plods into the town,
Step by step—clip, clop.
Bearing woman great with child,
At the inn it stops.

Every corner jammed so full,
No room anywhere.
“Wait! The stable is out back,
Perhaps you could stay there.

“Pitch me down some fresh, new straw,
Spread it on the floor.
Go and get some soft, clean cloths.
I wish I could do more.”

They need a place to lay the Babe.
Now He’s on the way.
They empty out the feeding trough,
And fill it up with hay.

Gentle cow is quiet here,
Not a stamp or moo.
Hope the rooster doesn’t crow,

“I’m so very busy,
But I’m also glad to see,
Christ the Holy Lamb of God,
Born for you and me.”

This article originally appeared in the December 2008 issue of Focus on the Family Clubhouse Jr. magazine. Copyright © 2008 by Katrina Cassel. Illustration © Alessandra Cimatoribus.