Four Little Seeds

by Marty Nystrom based on Mark 4:1-20

I’m Little Seed One.  

I just got sowed.  

I landed in the middle  

Of this old dirt road.  

The soil is hard  

And all packed down.  

I’m havin’ some trouble  

Puttin’ roots in the ground.  

But when I do,  

Just watch me sprout.  

My stems and leaves   

Will all pop out!  

And I’ll grow tall  

And straight as an arrow.  

Oh, no! Look out!  

Here comes a sparrow! 


I’m Little Seed Two.  

I’m still a squirt,  

‘Cuz I got tossed   

On this rocky ol’ dirt.  

I want to grow,  

But my roots can’t go  

Deeper than a quarter   

Of an inch or so.  

The sun’s gettin’ hotter,   

I need a drink. 

I can’t reach water  

So I’m startin’ to shrink.  

My leaves are brown,  

My roots are dry.  

I feel like I’m about to die. 


I’m Little Seed Three  

Over here in the thistles.  

Just tryin’ to thrive  

In their prickly bristles.  

All these weeds  

Are crowdin’ my space.  

I wish they’d leave  

And get out of my face.  

How will I bloom,  

If I can’t get   

Some good elbow room 

And a chance to get wet?   

It’s g-getting hard  

To t-take a breath.  

I think these w-weeds are  

Choking me to d-death . . . 


I once was known  

As Little Seed Four.  

But as you can see—  

Not anymore!  

My roots are deep.  

My stalk is strong.  

My leaves are green.  

My stems are long.  

The little patch of soil  

That I found  

Turned out to be good  

And fertile ground.  

I’m growing tall,  

As I take root.  

And come this fall, 

I’ll bear some fruit!  


What kind of soil are you? You can be like the good ground where Little Seed Four grew if you listen carefully to God's Word, think about it and put it into practice. Then God's Word, planted in your heart, will help you grow strong and give glory to God!

This article originally appeared in the September 2009 issue of Focus on the Family Clubhouse Jr. magazine. Copyright © 2009 Marty Nystrom. Used by permission. Illustration © David Sheldon.