Rolled Away

by Marty Nystrom based on Mark 16:1-8

A boulder's life is boring.

A boulder's life is slow.

There's not a lot a big old rock can do--

But settle in one spot

With nowhere else to go

And hope and pray and wait for something new.

For centuries and centuries,

I hung out on a hill,

And watched the grass and dandelions grow.

Believe me, that gets old.

I tell you it's no thrill,

To sit through summer sun and winter snow.

But then one spring it happened,

My life got turned around,

And everything was flip-flopped suddenly.

While I was doin' nothin',

Just restin' on the ground,

Some people came and said they needed me.

They pushed with all their muscles,

Then rolled me down the road.

They huffed and puffed and panted all the way.

And when they reached the graveyard,

They dropped their heavy load,

And I could see that I was there to stay.

I stood up like a soldier,

Before a simple tomb,

To guard the lifeless body there inside.

They said his name was Jesus,

He had died that afternoon,

Upon a cross where He was crucified.

His friends were full of sadness,

That gloomy day in spring.

I listened as they cried with hopeless tears,

And knew that as a tombstone

I'd see that sort of thing

For years and years and years and years and years.

But only three days later,

The earth began to quake.

An angel stood before me dressed in white!

He grabbed me by the shoulders,

And with a violent shake,

The mighty angel rolled me to the right.

The grave was now wide open,

But Jesus wasn't there!

His empty grave clothes lay inside, instead.

The angel told some women,

To run and tell their friends

That Jesus Christ had risen from the dead!

I'll forever be amazed

By that awesome day in spring.

To think a common rock was used--like me!

To guard the Savior's tomb

And see him come alive

That greatest day in all of history!

This article originally appeared in the April 2010 issue of Focus on the Family Clubhouse Jr. magazine. Copyright © 2010 Marty Nystrom. Used by permission. Illustration © Kevin Zimmer.