Samson and Delightful

by Stephen O'Rear

Three times a week, Brooklyn H. takes the stage.

Thirty-foot sets—taller than a house—tower over her. Camels and horses trot through the audience. Buildings collapse and boulders shatter as the Bible’s strongest hero, Samson, battles the Philistines.

It’s a big stage, especially when you’re one of the littlest actors.

Sight & Sound's Samson

Brooklyn’s big scene in “Samson”

For 40 years, Sight & Sound Theatres has brought the Bible to life in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Their new musical, “Samson,” features more than 50 actors and 34 live animals!

“I play the little girl,” 9-year-old Brooklyn says. “It’s a really cool part. I like the acting, the costumes, the singing and the dancing.”

As a chorus member, Brooklyn gets to play lots of characters. In some scenes, she’s a Hebrew. Other times she’s a Philistine (the bad guys). Either way, it’s lots of fun!

Brooklyn’s first big musical was “Moses.”

“I was a little scared,” she remembers, “but mostly excited to get on stage.” She performed more than 100 times that year to audiences of 2,000 people.

Whenever she feels nervous, Brooklyn takes a lesson from Samson and finds strength in God.

“He is stronger, and He makes us strong,” she says.

Sight & Sound's Samson

Brooklyn’s costars include Omar the camel.

Not many theaters write parts for children. But at Sight & Sound, acting is all about family.

“Because we do family shows, we love having the kids onstage,” director Jeff Bender says.

Actor Tom Sharpes agrees. “They add so much energy and variety to the show. And they are very professional.”

Brooklyn’s dad also performs in “Samson.” Even though they don’t have any scenes together, it’s fun to share the experience.

After rehearsal, Brooklyn goes home and teaches her younger siblings the songs and dances.

“Sometimes she makes up her own choreography,” Dad says.

Brooklyn thinks her siblings will be actors when they get bigger. “My brother sings a lot,” she says, “and my sister likes making up stories.”

Although “Samson” has just started, Brooklyn is excited to keep performing.

“I want to be in more shows,” she says. “The people here are really nice, and I really like the stage.”

She smiles shyly. “I just really like it here.”

Sight & Sound's Samson

God gave Samson strength like a superhero!

This article originally appeared in the July 2016 issue of Clubhouse Jr. magazine. Copyright © 2016 Focus on the Family. Photos © Sight & Sound Theatres.