Beach Tracks

by Melissa Lehman


solid colored beach towel
nontoxic fabric paints
old washcloth
paper towels


1. Ask a parent to wash and dry your towel without using fabric softener.
2. Spread your towel outside on a clean area. Keep towel flat and smooth by placing rocks along the edges.
3. Fill bucket with soapy water and place it near the towel along with washcloth and paper towels.
4. Ask an adult to paint the soles of your feet, including your toes, with a generous amount of fabric paint.
5. Slowly walk the length of the towel.
6. Wash the paint off your feet using the soapy water and washcloth. Dry feet with paper towels.
7. Use a second paint color and walk across the towel again. Repeat as many times as you like.
8. Allow the towel to dry. Follow instructions on paint package to further set the color.

This article first appeared in the July 2006 issue of Focus on the Family Clubhouse Jr. magazine. Copyright © 2006 by Melissa Lehman. Used by permission. Photo © Ron Nickel.