Bright Bird Feeder

by Patty Manos


empty cardboard milk carton (quart or half-gallon)
dowel rod
paint (non-toxic)
glue (non-toxic)
Popsicle sticks or twigs and moss

Bright Bird Feeder


1. Wash and dry the empty milk carton.
2. Tape the top shut.
3. Ask Mom or Dad to cut two big holes on opposite sides of the carton near the middle. These will be the doors.
4. Poke a small round hole under each door. Push the dowel rod through one hole and out the other side. Leave at least three inches hanging out on each side for a perch.
5. Decorate the outside of the carton with non-toxic paint.
6. Glue Popsicle sticks or twigs and moss to the top of the carton for a roof.
7. Poke a hole through the top of the carton and pull a length of string through the hole. Tie the string in a loop to make a hanger.
8. Fill your new bird feeder with birdseed up to the bottom of the doors.
9. Hang the feeder in a high place outside. Your neighborhood birds will be very thankful for your hard work!

Copyright © 2011 by Patty Manos. Used by permission. Bird Photo © cpettit2007/; used under Creative Commons license.