Handy Christmas Tree

by Cathy Walters


old newspaper
disposable plates (plastic works best)
washable paint: green, red and sky blue
heavy paper
construction paper or fabric scraps: yellow and brown

Handy Christmas Tree


1. Cover your workspace with newspaper.
2. Squeeze a thin, even layer of green paint onto a plate.
3. Press your hand into the paint, then make an upside-down handprint on the heavy paper. Make two more prints side-by-side to form the base of your tree.
4. Layer two more handprints over the first set to form a second layer. Make sure some of your fingers overlap the base layer.
5. Make one more handprint for the top layer. Wash your hands and wait for the paint to dry completely.
6. Squeeze red and blue paint onto a second plate. Dip your fingertips in the paint, then add "ornaments" to your Christmas tree.
7. Cut out a yellow star. Glue it to the top of your tree.
8. Cut out a brown tree stump. Glue it to the base of your tree.
9. Hang your "handy" tree around the house as part of your Christmas decorations.

    Craft and photos © Cathy Walters; used by permission.