Just Write -- More Great Stories

We asked Clubhouse Jr. readers to tell us a story inspired by one of three pictures. Here are a few of our favorite entries:

One day in Africa, animals from all over the world arrived by airplane. Elephant was so excited to have new friends. He invited them over for lunch.
“Where are you from?” Elephant asked.
“We are from France, Italy, Mexico and America,” Giraffe said.
“What is it like there?” Elephant asked.
“There are lots of buildings and amazing sights.”
Elephant imagined what it would look like.
“How much does it cost to get on the airplane?” Elephant asked.
“Three hundred dollars,” Bear said.
“I would like to go back with you guys on vacation,” Elephant said.
After lunch, Elephant got right to work. He sold small shrubs and leaves. He babysat little elephants, cleaned homes, made music and cleaned airplanes. Finally he had enough money.
Elephant’s friends decided to stay in Africa longer. But as Elephant boarded the plane, his friends said “Goodbye” in all their different languages.
“Bye,” Elephant said.

Anna, 9, from South Korea


Googley the Spaceman is launching his rocket into space. He is going to explore space and take pictures, so scientists can learn about space. He decides to go to the moon. When he gets there, he puts his space camera in his backpack and steps out of the rocket. But then he sees a six-headed monster!
Googley prays to God. “God, please help me not to be afraid.”
Googley says, “Mr. Monster! Say ‘cheese’!” Googley takes the monster’s picture.
Then the monster walks away, and Googley returns to his rocket. He flies back to Earth.
“Thank you, God, for giving me courage,” Googley says.

Sarah, 3, from Texas


Isaac's Rocket

One day, there was a boy named Isaac who loved rockets. Isaac said to his mom, “I want to build a rocket.”
“OK,” Mom said. So Isaac made a real rocket and went to the moon. He called his mom. “I’m there,” Isaac said. He put his name on the moon. And he put an American flag on the moon.
“Wow!” Isaac said. He had to be at school in 10 minutes.
“Ahhh!” Isaac said. “Let’s blast! Yeah.” And he got to school on time.

Isaac, 7, from South Korea


Once upon a time, there was a little boy who had a poodle. The poodle got sick, and the little boy had to take his poodle to the vet. The vet was the king. The king gave the poodle medicine, and the poodle was all better.

Audrey, 5, from Texas

Copyright © 2013 by Focus on the Family. Used by permission. Illustrations © Betsy Snyder, Chris Lensch and Jon Goodell