Olympic Fitness Challenge

Click here to download the exercise log.

How do I enter?

From June 1 to August 31, keep track of your exercise. Earn 100 or more points, and you win a prize!

Can I earn points walking the dog?

Yes. You can pick up points riding your bike or doing almost anything active.
Activities are separated into two levels. If you don’t see your exercise on the list, ask a parent to decide how many points it’s worth.

Level 1 (1 point per 30 minutes)
Miniature golf
Table tennis

Level 2 (1 point per 15 minutes)
Jumping rope

Can I earn 16 points in one day by swimming for four hours?

Sorry. The most points you can earn in one day is five. To get 100 points by the end of summer, you need to get about two points a day, four days a week.

Can I get bonus points?

Yes. If you exercise with a friend, brother, sister or parent, you earn one extra point per activity. So playing one hour of table tennis against your dad picks up three points. (1 point for each 30 minutes, plus 1 extra point for exercising together.)

When do I get my prize?

In November, Clubhouse Jr. will send a prize to every child who completes a 100-point exercise chart (click here to download the exercise log) and mails it by September 10, 2012. Mark down the date you exercised, what you did, how long you did it and how many points you earned. (Be sure to include your full name, birth date, address and a photo of you exercising.) Send your completed log to:
Clubhouse Jr. Olympic Fitness Challenge
Colorado Springs, CO 80995-7460

In Canada, send it to:
Focus on the Family
19946 80A Ave.
Langley, BC V2Y 0J8

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