Operation: Zambia

You can make a difference!

When you were a baby, you needed help getting dressed and staying warm. Now that you’re older, you can help babies in Africa.

This summer, Clubhouse Jr. invites you to collect items that will show God’s love to children in Zambia.

This country in south-central Africa is home to many kids who need help staying warm.

That’s where you get to help! Send in donations, and Clubhouse Jr. will give them to a Christian orphanage and medical clinic in Zambia. Some of what you send will save babies. Other gifts will help kids starting school, just like you.

Biggest Needs:
Newborn sleepers
Receiving blankets
Gently-used blankets
Plastic diaper covers
Pens and pencils

Mail anything on this list by August 31, 2015, to:
“Operation: Zambia,” Clubhouse Jr.
8605 Explorer Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Include a picture of yourself with your gifts and a short story about why you wanted to be part of the summer challenge. Maybe you can get your church or neighbors involved!

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