Paper Baaa-g Goat Puppet

by Anna Sangrey

Click here for an easy-to-cut-out pattern.


white or brown paper bag
craft scissors (if you have them)
scraps of pink and white paper
black marker
tacky glue
large googly eyes
wooden ice cream spoons
black crayon


1. Measure a paper bag to 6 to 7 inches in length and trim with craft scissors or regular scissors.
2. Cut a 3 1/2-inch circle out of white paper and trim off one side. Draw a nose with the black marker.
3. Lay the bag with the flap facing up. Glue the face on the bag's flap as shown in large image to the left.
4. Cut a 4-inch long tongue out of pink paper.
5. At the straight end, fold back 1/4 inch. Glue that folded piece into the inner fold of the bag's flap. (See image below.)
6. Glue large goggly eyes onto the goat's face.
7. Glue two wooden spoons on top of the head for horns.
8. Fold a white piece of paper in half and cut out two ears. Color with black splotches.
9. Gently fold and glue one end of each ear to the top side of the bag. Use a clothespin to hold while drying. (See image below.)
10. Cut out a 3-inch square of white paper. Cut straight lines into one side. Trim to different lengths for a beard. Glue to the front of the bag to finish your puppet.

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This article first appeared in the March 2012 issue of Focus on the Family Clubhouse Jr. magazine. Copyright © 2012 by Focus on the Family. Used by permission. Photo © Lexie Rhodes.