Paper-Dyed Easter Eggs

by Sarah Chipley


hard-boiled eggs
colorful tissue paper
plastic gloves
small paintbrush
water in a small cup


1. Ask a parent to hard-boil the number of eggs you plan to decorate.
2. While the eggs are boiling, cut tissue paper into short, thin strips.
3. Allow hard-boiled eggs to cool. Then pat them dry.
4. Put on gloves to keep your hands from being stained.
5. Pick up an egg. Dampen the paintbrush with water and lightly “paint” a strip of egg.
6. Place tissue paper around the wet place on the egg.
7. Lightly paint another damp brushstroke over the tissue paper to keep it in place.
8. Dampen another strip of egg. Add a new piece of tissue paper. Strips can overlap. Using different colors on the same egg will make it colorful!
9. Repeat until each egg is covered in tissue paper. Allow eggs to dry.
10. After the eggs are dry, carefully peel off the tissue paper and enjoy your beautifully colored eggs!

    Photos © Cathy Walters; used by permission.