Pretty Pasta-bilities

by Julie Theophanes


cups of leftover egg dye
wagon-wheel and rigatoni pasta
paper towels
cookie sheet
slotted spoon


1. Place uncooked pasta in each cup of dye. Let pasta soak for about 10 minutes or until color is bright.
2. Spread paper towels on a cookie sheet.
3. Scoop pasta out of cups with a slotted spoon and spread it on the paper towels to dry.
4. Cut a long piece of string for your necklace and fold the string in half.
5. Choose a wagon wheel noodle to be the “pendant.” Poke the folded end of your string between two of the wagon wheel spokes and push it through about one inch.
6. Next poke the cut ends of the string through the folded end of the string. Pull the cut ends through gently until the string is snug around the pendant.
7. String beads on each side of the pendant, then tie the ends of the string together to finish your necklace.

This article first appeared in the March 2008 issue of Focus on the Family Clubhouse magazine. Copyright © 2008 by Julie Theophanes. Used by permission. Photo © Ron Nickel.