Saint Nicking

by Brock Eastman

What is Saint Nicking?
A fun way to show God’s love to someone in need.

How do we start?
Ask your church or a local shelter to find a family in need. Learn the names and ages of each family member. If possible, find out clothing sizes, interests and specific needs.

How does it work?
Plan a Saint Nicking party as a family. You can also invite others to join the fun. Assign one person from the list to each family who wants to help. With a list of suggested items in hand, everyone shops for presents.

When everyone finishes shopping, the wrapping party begins. You could turn on Christmas music and enjoy cookies as gifts are being wrapped.

Now it’s time to deliver the presents. The key to a successful Saint Nicking is to deliver the packages without being seen. You could pile into a car to deliver the gifts. You could also wear fun disguises. Or you could ask your church or local shelter to deliver the gifts anonymously.

Finally, imagine the joy of the family who receives gifts picked just for them!

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Copyright © 2016 by Brock Eastman. Illustration © Donald Wu.