Summer of Service

During the summer of 2013, Clubhouse Jr. challenged our readers to serve their families and communities. Kids across the U.S. and Canada put others first and made a huge difference.

Thanks to everyone who served!

Samuel Ambrosius
Emily Balsamello
Titus Banister
Maleiah Bartel
Delena Bechtel
Bo Brandow
Vivian Bruce
Izak Bulten

Delena from Ontario

Delena helped with laundry.

Julia Cagasan
Lauren Cleeton
Julia Cleeton
Sofia Cole
Hannah Cole
Tim Cole
Chris Cook
Chelsea Cunningham

Adelaine from Connecticut

Adelaine picked up litter.

Noelle Dahlstrom
Hailey DeGroff
Kaylee Dwyer
Ishtar Eshw
Jacob Fisher
Lincoln Fletcher
Cooper Fletcher
Julie Fletcher
Madisyn Forhan

Sarah from Pennsylvania

Sarah made cards for widows and sick people.

Elijah Garayua
Adelaine Goodworth
Molly Grant
Sarah Hamilton
Alex Handley
Alysse Harper
Alaina Hartt
Kaelyn Haynie
Ryan Hershey

Alysse from Michigan

Alysse cleaned up her church playground.

Gabriella Jordan
Haven Jordan
Jemima Kelly
Reuben Kelly
Joel Kenline
Zackery Koebbe
Will Kreider

Anna from Virginia

Anna took care of her baby sister.

Violet Lambert
Abbie Langman
Caleb Langman
Chloe Lemire
Anna Lemire
Samuel Lemire
Kaela Martin
Alyssa McLeod

Aubrey and Isaac from Colorado

Aubrey and Isaac visited a nursing home.

Elyse McMillan
Faith Miller
AJ Miller
Susanna Morse
Brennan Plett
Aubrey Poe
Isaac Poe

Brennan from Texas

Brennan picked blueberries.

Silas Reynolds
Mackenzie Rhodes
Hannah Rittenhouse
Elliot Sanders
Caroline Sanders
Charlotte Sanders
Carmen Schlatter
Josiah Schmitz

Silas from Ohio

Silas packed emergency kits for overseas hospitals.

Rebekah Scott
Marissa Siu
Emma Smith
Josiah Smith
Maddox Smith
Paige Smith
Faith Spinelli
Sammy Sprankle
Ethan Steinke

Paige from New York

Paige served lunch to kids in the inner city.

Tucker Terpin
Annika Wiebe
Liese Wiechers
Luhan Wiechers
Matthew Winch
Liliana Wolf
Isabella Wolf
Liam Wolf
Caleb Zacharias
Elijah Zacharias

Lily, Bella and Liam from New Jersey

Lily, Bella and Liam did extra chores around the house.

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