Sun and Moon Cards

by Lisa Toner


light yellow and blue cardstock
sticky notes
stamping inks in shades of yellow, orange, red, light and dark blue


1. Fold cardstock to greeting-card size.
2. To make the moon or sun, cut a circle out of a sticky note. Stick the circle to the front of the cardstock.
3. (Note: To make the sun card, use yellow, orange and red inks. To make the moon card, use blue inks.) Using your lightest colors first, ink your sponge and rub it over the front of your card, carefully holding the sticky circle in place. Leave a rim of light around the circle.
4. Repeat step 3, using the next darkest color. Then sponge the darkest color around the outside edge of the card.
5. Remove the circle to see the sunshine or moonlight effect.

Copyright © 2010 by Lisa Toner. Used by permission. Photo © Lexie Rhodes.