Treasure Hunt

by Christine Tangvald and Rondi DeBoer

1. Hide a treasure for your dad.

2. Write clue cards using the ideas below, or make up your own.

This is where you look for food.
(Inside the refrigerator)

This is where you like to sit.
(Dad’s favorite chair or couch)

This is where you cook outside.
(Inside the grill)

This is where you keep your tools.
(Garage or shed)

This is where you rest your head.
(On Dad’s pillow)

This is where you put your shoes.
(Closet or shoe rack)

3. Hide each clue in the secret spots you choose.

4. Give Dad the first super clue card. Then watch him follow the clues until he finds the surprise treasure created by you.

Treasure Ideas:
-- A picture you drew
-- A coupon for something fun to do
-- A Frisbee or ball to play outside
-- A colorful card you made
-- Dad’s favorite candy bar
-- A good movie and a bag of popcorn
-- A special present you chose with your mom

    This feature first appeared in the June 2013 issue of Clubhouse Jr. magazine. Illustration © Susan Reagan.