Turkey Treat Holders

by Julie Theophanes


candy corn
paper lunch sacks (colored or plain)
tape or stapler
construction paper (fall colors)
googly eyes


1. Put 1/4 cup of candy inside bag.
2. Fold top of bag back one half inch. Fold forward and back, accordion style, until you have seven creases at top of bag. (See photo below.)
3. Grab corners of top fold, one corner in each hand. Gently bring corners together; a crease will form in the middle of the folds, and layers will fan out into "turkey feathers." Tape or staple corners together. (See photo below.)
4. Cut a bowling pin shape from construction paper to use as the turkey's body. Glue on googly eyes, a candy corn beak and a red construction paper wattle. Tape the body in front of the "feathers."
5. Write the name of a special guest in the space below the turkey's body. Pass out to each guest at your Thanksgiving table.

This article first appeared in the November 2007 issue of Focus on the Family Clubhouse Jr. magazine. Copyright © 2007 by Julie Theophanes. Used by permission. Photo © Lexie Rhodes.