by Judy Parker

Would you like to start a Yarnival at your church, like the kids in the November 2013 issue? Here are some tips from Mrs. Karen Padgett, who started the group at Rabbit Creek Community Church in Anchorage, Alaska.

- Find a parent, children's pastor or other volunteer who knows how to knit, finger weave and crochet.

- Buy skeins of yarn in a variety of colors—darks, lights, pastels, camouflage, etc.—and divide each skein into three or four individual balls of yarn. Each kid should have his or her own ball of yarn to work with.

- Start each meeting with a short devotional or Bible story.

- Divide your Yarnival time into two 45-minute sessions. In the first session, everybody works on personal projects. In the second session, work on projects that you can donate (baby clothes, gifts for the elderly, etc.)

- Pick a meeting time when kids won’t need a snack, in order to keep the yarn and projects clean.

- Store each half-finished project in its own plastic bag or small box so you don't mix up your supplies with anybody else's.

- Invite parents and grandparents to help with special projects.

- Take a picture of every project you finish, before you take it home or give it away.

Copyright © 2013 by Judy Parker. Photo © Roy Saplin/Flickr.com; used under Creative Commons license.