Exercise to Educate -- Frequently Asked Questions

We're so excited about Exercise to Educate, our 2016 summer challenge that raises money to send Syrian refugee children to school.

If you have any questions, read the challenge details in our June 2016 issue first. Then check the answers below.

Does _____ count as exercise?
Any movement-based activity counts. Walk, run, play a sport or exercise at home. Still not sure? Ask your parents to decide.

Why can’t I earn more points per day?
We want you to stay active all summer, so we set a maximum of six points per day. In order to complete the challenge, you’ll have to exercise for at least three weeks.

What kind of exercise can I do by myself?
It takes 20-30 minutes to walk one mile. You can also:
- swim laps
- shoot hoops
- jump on a trampoline
- ride your bike
- hula-hoop
- pitch at a target (chase the ball when you miss)
- climb stairs
- jump rope

Do I have to exercise every day?
No. Try setting a goal of 10 points per week. That way, you’ll stay active all summer, while still making time for family vacations and other adventures.

Do I have to exercise for 20 minutes all at once, or can I break it into smaller amounts?
Twenty minutes is a healthy workout length. If you need to take a short break, that's OK, but try to stick with it until you've exercised for 20 minutes.

Do I have to reach 100 points to complete the challenge?
It’s called a “challenge” for a reason. Try your hardest. You have three full months to meet the goal. That’s about one point per day. At the beginning of August, check your progress—you may need to exercise more the last few weeks.
No matter how many points you earn, let your sponsors know the total so they can give you their pledges. Every dollar helps refugee children go to school.

Can I earn more than 100 points?
Sure. Just remember, the daily maximum is six points.
If you plan to earn lots of points, make sure you tell your sponsors first. They need to understand your goal so they can pledge the right amount. Of course, sponsors can also give a flat donation.

I can’t find any sponsors! Do I have to raise money to complete the challenge?
Why not sponsor yourself? If $10 is too much, you can start by pledging a penny per point. That’s only $1 for the whole summer.
Once you commit to the challenge and exercise consistently, your parents might help you find additional sponsors.

I don’t live in the United States. Can I still take the challenge?
Absolutely! We need all the help we can get.
Please explain to your sponsors that the money will be collected in the United States and therefore their donations may not be tax-deductible. We urge international sponsors to donate online.

Do I have to use the official sponsor sheet and exercise log?
Feel free to create your own charts.

For the sponsor sheet, include:
- Your name, age and mailing address
- Each sponsor’s name and address
- The amount each sponsor pledged

For the exercise log, include:
- Your name, age and mailing address
- Point totals per day (list the date)
- Any unusual or exciting exercise (snorkeling, riding a unicycle, etc.)
- Total points for the summer

Why do you need a photo of me exercising?
We love to see our readers making a difference. At the end of the year, we’ll update everyone on the challenge and share some of our favorite photos. You could be in Clubhouse Jr. magazine!

Who should I ask to sponsor me?
Start with your family. Show them the story in your magazine and ask if they’ll sponsor you for 10 cents per point. That’s about $10 for the summer. (If they want to give more, that’s great!)
After that, ask your friends and neighbors. You can talk to people at church. Maybe your soccer coach wants to sponsor you. It never hurts to ask.

If my siblings are also doing the challenge, can we have the same sponsor?
If a sponsor writes one check for two participants, clearly split the donation between your sponsor sheets. Don’t list the full amount twice, or we’ll think money is missing.

Where does the money go exactly?
Donations will be collected and processed by Focus on the Family—a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry—at our United States headquarters. Once the challenge is complete, we will send the money to our regional office based in Cairo, Egypt.
Focus on the Family Middle East will use the donations to purchase school uniforms (required for school attendance in many countries) for Syrian refugees. The money will also fund English-language classes being taught in local churches.

Can sponsors donate with a credit card?
Yes! Tell them to go to www.ClubhouseJr.com/educate and click the “Donate Now” button at the top of the page.

Can sponsors donate cash?
Yes, but checks are safer.
You could ask your parents to collect all your cash donations, and then write a check for the total amount to Focus on the Family with “Exercise to Educate” in the memo line. (Please do not write checks to Clubhouse Jr.)

Can sponsors donate over the phone?
Yes, but we’d prefer they didn’t. By donating online or through the mail, it’s easier for us to make sure their money goes to the right project.

When should I start collecting money from my sponsors?
It may take up to two weeks to collect the money, so leave yourself some time. When you hit 90 points, tell your sponsors that you’re close to your goal and remind them how much they pledged.
If you’re mailing in checks or cash, they must be postmarked (put in the mail) by August 31. Sponsors can also donate online.

When do I get my prize?
Prizes will be sent out sometime in November (not November 1). Depending on where you live, it may take a few weeks for the prize to reach you. Please be patient; we won’t forget you.

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