Exercise to Educate

Exercise to Educate

Want to do something amazing this summer? You can make a big difference for children who have had to flee their country. Help them go to school and learn English by taking the Clubhouse Jr. summer challenge!

Read the full story from the June 2016 issue.

Step One: Download a sponsor sheet (click here)
Ask your neighbors, family members or friends at church to sponsor you for 10 cents per point.

Step Two: Download an exercise log (click here) or make your own chart
You earn one point for every 20 minutes of exercise. Any activity counts!
Set a goal of at least 100 points for the summer. Note: You can only earn a maximum of six points per day.

Step Three:
At the end of the summer, collect money from your sponsors. Checks should be made out to Focus on the Family with "Exercise to Educate" in the memo line. Sponsors can also donate online.

Send your donations, sponsor sheet, exercise log and a photo of you exercising to:
"Exercise to Educate"
Attn: Clubhouse Jr.
8605 Explorer Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

All donations must be sent no later than August 31, 2016.

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Exercise to Educate

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