Got Your Goat?

Got Your Goat?

by Anna Sangrey 

Kids love to play tag, but not the way you think. These kids are baby goats!  

“Just run . . . and you can play tag with them,” Hewitt (below in brown striped shirt) says. His little sister, Indigo (below in pink shirt), agrees but adds, “I don’t like the big goats because they chew my hair.” Playing tag is all part of the day for Hewitt, Indigo and Jade (below in floral sweater). Indigo, age 5, insists that goats are her favorite animal.  

“That’s our family business—Goat Milk Stuff,” she says.  Along with their five older brothers and sister, these three stay busy working to sell natural soap.  

“My job is to wrap the sugar scrubs—like a Christmas present!”  7-year-old Hewitt says. Indigo, using her brand-new reading skills, helps with computer orders. She fills a box with soap and pushes the box down the line to the checker.   

“I sometimes get it wrong,” Indigo says, “but I learn from my mistakes.” 

Even Jade, 4, has a special job bagging bars of soap. “You put soap and a card in a bag. You pull the string. And then you do it over and over and over again,” she says.  

Through the business, the siblings learn how to work together and for the Lord.   

“God cares about us making soap,” Indigo says.   

“When we make soap, we make soap for God,” Jade agrees. Not only do these siblings help with the family business, but they also have chores. Hewitt takes care of the laundry. Indigo and Jade help unload the dishwasher. The hardest part of the day is “having to do something I don’t want to do,” Indigo says. 

When work gets tough, the Jonas kids remember a Bible verse they learned from their dad. “No matter what you do, work at it with all your might,” (Ecclesiastes 9:10). The kids do schoolwork every day, but once it is done they all enjoy knitting. They make washcloths to sell with the business. 

They also love family vacations at Disney World. When they grow up, Hewitt hopes to run the soap business, while Jade wants to volunteer at the library. And Indigo? She wants to be a princess. Being grown up may be a long way off, but these kids know something for sure right now.  

“Jesus loves us,” Jade says.

Got Your Goat?Got Your Goat?Got Your Goat?