Heart Healthy

Cold Weather Activities:
1. Build a snowman, make snow angels or make a snow fort!
2. See how many times you can go up and down the stairs inside your house without stopping. If you don’t have stairs, see how many times you can walk around the couch.
3. Ask Mom or Dad if you can skip rope or Hula hoop in an open area of your house.
4. Put your muscles to work by vacuuming or washing floors for your mom.
Everyday Activities:
1. Find veggies you like (maybe carrots or sweet potatoes) and eat your veggies every day.
2. Eat two of your favorite fruits each day.
Warm Weather Activities:
1. Play catch, toss a Frisbee or kick a ball around your backyard.
2. Ride your bike or scooter.
3. Ask Dad or Mom if your family can take a walk together.
4. Ask Dad or Mom to take you to the playground.
5. Swing or pull yourself along the monkey bars.