Tara's Travel Journal: Wod Fam Choc Sod

When Tara visited Colorado (in the June 2016 issue), she tasted Wod Fam Choc Sod: World Famous Chocolate Soda!


2-1/2 cups chocolate ice cream
1 cup soda water
3 tablespoons chocolate syrup
whipped cream


1. With a parent's help, add ice cream, soda water and chocolate syrup to blender.
2. Blend until smooth.
3. Pour mixture into cups. Top with whipped cream and extra chocolate syrup.
4. Enjoy!

You can visit Focus on the Family, just like Tara did. Our Welcome Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is open six days a week. You can ride our three-story slide, eat ice cream at Whit's End, and even record your own radio drama. Ask your parents to click here for more information.

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